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Timothy Snyder
1952 -

Timothy Snyder began teaching the Korean martial art of Tae Kwon Do in 1971. In 1979, dissatisfied with the practicality of Tae Kown Do, he began training in the Okinawan style of karate known as Pan Gai Noon Ryu under Nishiuchi Mikio, then of Omaha, Nebraska. He also studied Matayoshi-style kobudo, receiving his first through fourth degree blackbelts in kobudo from Zen Okinawa Kobudo Renmei under Matayoshi Shinpo of Naha City, Okinawa, Japan. By 1981, Snyder was teaching Pan Gai Noon Ryu karate and Matayoshi-style kobudo.

In 1996, Snyder began training directly with Kinjo Takashi, then teaching Pan Gai Noon Ryu but later founder of Koburyu. Snyder has earned kyoshi (special honors) eighth degree black belt in karate and kobudo from Kinjo Takashi. In 2002, Kinjo appointed Snyder the U.S. head of Okinawa Koburyu Karatedo Kobudo Kobukai, the Koburyu martial arts organization. Snyder now heads a group of dojo's in the U.S. under the name Sei Shin Kan, meaning Honesty Truth Place. Snyder sponsors yearly trips to the U.S. by Kinjo Takashi for seminars. Periodically he takes groups of students to Kinjo's international headquarters in Naha City, Okinawa, Japan, for training. Only Snyder and his member dojo's are authorized to teach Koburyu in the U.S. No other U.S. martial arts instructors have authorization from Kinjo Takashi to use his name or claim to practice his style or techniques. Visit the Sei Shin Kan Karate Dojo website


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