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Kinjo Takashi
1939 -

Young Kinjo Takashi started his karate training in Shorin Ryu, but in 1959 he began studying Uechi Ryu under Itokazu Seiki. By 1965, just six years after beginning his Uechi Ryu training, Kinjo earned godan (fifth degree black belt) in Uechi Ryukarate-do and opened his first dojo, Hantagawa Shureikan.

In 1964, Kinjo began training in kobudo, the ancient weapons of Okinawan that derived primarily from farming and fishing implements. Uechi Ryu traditionally did not include weapons. Indeed, Kinjo’s Uechi Ryu instructor believed that practicing weapons would spoil Kinjo’s karate technique. Not so. Kinjo came to be widely respected in the martial arts community for both karate and kobudo. He is acclaimed as the best in the world with ieku, the oar. Kinjo came to believe that, not only does kobudo complement karatetraining, but that the skills are one and the same.

Through more than forty years of dedicated training and study, Kinjo has reached a level of achievement and understanding to which few even aspire. Always an innovator, Kinjo has brought new perspective to classical Uechi Ryu, culminating in the founding of Koburyu in 2000 as a separate and unique martial arts style in the Uechi Ryu family of karate styles. Kinjo is worldwide head of Okinawa Koburyu Karatedo Kobudo Kobukai.


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