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Itokazu Seiki
1915 -

Itokazu Seiki was born in Nishihara Town, Okinawa, in 1915. In 1933, Itokazu began studying Shuri-te under Chotoku Kyan. In 1938, he changed to Pan Gai Noon Ryu, studying under both Uechi Kanbun, founder of Pan Gai Noon Ryu, and his son, Uechi Kanei, who changed the name Pan Gai Noon Ryu to Uechi Ryu in 1940.

At this time Uechi Ryu included only the three kata brought from China. In the late 1950's, Uechi Kanei chose a group of senior instructors to create intermediate kata and otherwise systematize the techniques of Uechi Ryu. Itokazu, as part of this effort, created the kata called Seichin.

In 1970, Itokazu became vice-president of Uechi Ryu Karate-do Association. In 1976, he became vice-president of All Okinawa Karate-do Renmei. However, in 1978 a group of dojo heads led by Itokazu Seiki and his student, Kinjo Takashi, decided to break from Uechi Ryu and return to traditional Pan Gai Noon Ryu. Itokazu Seiki was elected as the first president of Pan Gai Noon Ryu Karate-do Renmei. In 1990, he renamed the organization Okinawa Konan Ryu Karate-do Association, using the Japanese pronunciation of the kanji for Gai Noon Ryu, meaning hard-soft style.

In 1997, Itokazu was recognized by by Okinawa Prefecture as an Intangible Cultural Asset in the field of Okinawan Karate and Kobudo. He is Okinawa Konan Ryu Hanshi 10th Dan.


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