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Stephen Goodnight
1961 -

Steve Goodnight began his martial arts training in 1985, after seeing the movie "The Karate Kid". He related to the movie because he too, was targeted by bullies in high school. Steve studied Pang Gai Noon Ryu in Omaha, Nebraska, under Sensei Mikio Nishiuchi. In 1988, Sensei Nishiuchi moved to California. Steve continued his training with Sensei Robert Pickett, and for a short time with Sensei Tim Snyder of the Okinawan Karate and Fitness Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. Steve earned black belt, shodan, in 1989 and nidan in 1992. That same year he graduated from the University of Nebraska with a degree in electronic engineering.

An engineer by profession, in 1995, Steve's job took him to Norway for three years. In 1998, he moved to Great Britain for a year to open an European office for his company. While in Wales he trained at a full-contact dojo. When Steve returned home from Europe he found that Sensei Pickett's dojo had closed. For a time he studied a Vietnamese style of martial arts under Sensei Wes Shockley, but found he missed his old style of martial arts. In the year of 2000, he began traveling to Lincoln again to train with Sensei Snyder.

Steve has since been promoted to sandan, third degree black belt. Steve was granted a shidoin (teaching certificate) from Kaicho Kinjo Takashi of our headquarter school in Okinawa and began teaching in 2002 with just one student, his sister Stephanie.

In 2009 he moved his family to Angel Fire, NM and has started a new dojo where his sons Jack, Joseph, Gabriel, and Samuel are among his students.


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