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Uechi Kanei
1911 - 1991

Uechi Kanei was the first-born son of Uechi Kanbun. He lived with his mother in Izumi, Motobu, in northern Okinawa until 1927. Then, at age sixteen, he moved to Wakayama to be with his father. Uechi Kanei studied Pan Gai Noon under his father's guidance for 10 years. In 1937, he opened his first dojo. In 1939, just as World War II began, Uechi Kanei married. In 1940, he began to teach out of his home, calling his dojo the Uechi Ryu Karate-Jutsu Institute, effectively changing the name of Pan Gai Noon Ryu to Uechi Ryu.

In 1942, Uechi Kanei, began to teach in Nago, Okinawa. This was the first time Pan Gai Noon (now known as Uechi Ryu) was taught in Okinawa. By 1944, the dojo was closed. Uechi Kanei and most of his students were drafted to serve in the Japanese military. After the war, Uechi Kanei returned to Okinawa and again began to teach. In 1958, Uechi Kanei opened his dojo to the public, including American servicemen.

Uechi Kanei contributed much to the style that became known as Uechi Ryu. The original style consisted of three kata (Sanchin, Seisan, Sanseiryu), arm pounding (kotekitae), and Chinese medicine. During the late 1950's and early 60's, Uechi Kanei added five new kata:Kanshiwa, Dainiseisan (Kanshu), Seichin, Seiryu and Kanchin. He also added the supporting exercises (hojo undo), kyu and dan promise fighting (yakusoku kumite), and the practical application (bunkai) of Kanshiwa and Seisan.


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